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phpATM 1.33 alpha 3 - full version. Works with PHP 7+. Contains some workarounds for known CSRF Vulnerabilities & the Full Path Disclosure Vulnerability (includes a fix for a recently reported bug).
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123.8 Kb 07.04.2019 23:38
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Screen selector image for the Unity launcher from Great Hero's Beard. Put it in [path to Steam]\Steam\steamapps\common\Great Hero's Beard\Great Heros Beard_Data
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168.54 Kb 08.12.2018 23:13
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Serbian Translation (sr) for phpATM.
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4.16 Kb 15.09.2015 01:31
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This is a little modification of the common.php, I've added 2 lines, which will change the session save path to "temp" in the phpATM main directory. This is for people who doesn't have write permission to the normal tmp folder and/or where PHP isn't setup properly. You'll have to change the permiss
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2.88 Kb 04.02.2013 22:03
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Escape, he finally did it!
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24.97 Kb 31.07.2012 19:57
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69.15 Kb 27.07.2011 00:17
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Simple but fully functional, you may customise (see FlowPlayer.org). Just place both folders in your phpATM dir. By PJ.
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166.51 Kb 07.07.2011 02:06
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steam skin By Getdown Weps.rar
Steam skin By Getdown & Weps (more info)
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1.01 Mb 23.04.2011 21:38
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updated swf viewer - tested with phpATM 1.32 search mod
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958 b 16.01.2011 23:04
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in the extract dialog choose your steam folder (e.g. c:\program files\steam\)
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1.95 Mb 11.12.2010 16:49

Will you continue to develop this script?
18.03.2024 11:31

we are waiting..!
08.09.2019 22:41

thank you flava clown,what about shoutbox!
26.05.2019 05:42

Flava Clown:
Just released phpATM 1.33 alpha 3. I strongly recommend to update.
07.04.2019 21:40