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phpATM mods and addons
phpATM modifications and addons.
   Download3166         Directory
1 Dir
 7 Files
26.08.2022 16:54
this folder contains some test uploads, to test and/or demonstrate some (in development) viewer.
   Download2241         Directory
 9 Files
04.02.2020 23:46
phpATM viewer
new and/or updated viewer for phpATM.
   Download2709         Directory
 3 Files
08.05.2019 18:06
phpATM beta releases
phpATM beta releases.
   Download3174         Directory
 2 Files
08.04.2019 11:32
phpATM language files
new and/or updated language files for phpATM
   Download1754         Directory
 2 Files
17.09.2015 22:24
phpATM Stable releases
phpATM stable releases.
   Download3614         Directory
 3 Files
23.11.2014 17:01
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we are waiting..!
08.09.2019 22:41

thank you flava clown,what about shoutbox!
26.05.2019 05:42

Flava Clown:
Just released phpATM 1.33 alpha 3. I strongly recommend to update.
07.04.2019 21:40

than's for new release but need to know about shoutbox!
11.03.2019 18:04