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Simple but fully functional, you may customise (see FlowPlayer.org). Just place both folders in your phpATM dir. By PJ.
     File viewer2288 Download1734 166.51 Kb 07.07.2011 01:06
updated swf viewer - tested with phpATM 1.32 search mod
     File viewer2265 Download2396 958 b 16.01.2011 22:04
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we are waiting..!
08.09.2019 22:41

thank you flava clown,what about shoutbox!
26.05.2019 05:42

Flava Clown:
Just released phpATM 1.33 alpha 3. I strongly recommend to update.
07.04.2019 21:40

than's for new release but need to know about shoutbox!
11.03.2019 18:04